Could Television Change The Face of Betting?

With the Cheltenham festival fast approaching you would think that it would cause a betting frenzy, and over the next week or so it almost definitely will.  However there is one event that happened recently and we at Round Robin didn’t expect to attract as much betting attention as it did and that was the killer of Lucy Beale in Eastenders.

10.3 million viewers, tuned in to watch the Eastenders flashback episode that saw ten months of clues and speculation finally resolved for fans.  And if you don’t believe us Betfair reported that between the two episode shown on reveal night they took nearly double the amount of bets than they took for the Champions League Final last year.

You heard us right, one of the biggest football matches held every year, had less money bet on it that the murderer of Lucy Beale.

When the killer finally revealed themselves in the form of 11 year-old Bobby Beale, some punters who placed bets on him back in August at 100/1 would have been jumping for joy, as before the reveal he had gone in to 5/2.

So will the TV event of 2015 change the face of betting, we at Round Robin hardly think so, but there are so many plot twists in the world of soap you never know.

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